NAK Dry Clean Shampoo

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An oil-absorbing dry shampoo to give your hair another day. 

Look, there’s no substitute for washing your hair, but sometimes it’s just not happening. Enter the NAK Hair Dry Clean Shampoo. This little beauty will absorb excess oil from your scalp, meaning you can drag that blow-dry out one more day. It’s a dream for restyling, as it has a weightless feel, and will leave your hair soft and hydrated. Plus, it suits all hair types and is made without sulphate or parabens. Love all that.

Why will I love NAK Hair Dry Clean Shampoo?

  • Dry shampoo to absorb oil and refresh your hair
  • Weightless feel 
  • Helps with restyling 
  • Hair feels soft and moisturized 
  • Get another day from your style 
  • Sulphate and paraben free 
  • 200ml