NAK Done & Dusted

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NAK Done & Dusted is a weightless styling powder designed to create a medium-hold, matte texture.

When applied to dry hair, NAK Done & Dusted works by coating each strand of hair with fine powder particles that not only add grip and control but also give volume at the roots, thicken individual strands, and separate the hairs for a longer-lasting style.

NAK Done & Dusted is recommended for all hair types and is particularly useful when you need to rework existing styles or restyle without adding additional products that can cause excessive buildup of grease and dirt. As NAK Done & Dusted continues to work throughout the day, it helps maintain its medium-hold look as long as you need it, making it easy to get your desired appearance all day long - perfect for professionals or those who just want an extra piece of mind.

Whether you're in need of more volume or just more control, NAK Done & Dusted can provide you with countless benefits in one easy-to-use package.

So go ahead and give NAK Done & Dusted a try today! Your hair will thank you later.